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Your Home Used to be WHAT?

One-of-a-Kind Converted Homes How interesting is this……. Warehouses, factories, barns, and churches are more commonly being re-purposed into residences, but for the adventurous buyer with a budget for renovation, no structure is off limits as a potential home. We don't see an abundance of re-purposed homes such as these on the west coast, however, Encinitas […]

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Green Homes Sell for 9% More

Going Green Gets More Costly in California With green homes not only selling for 9% MORE in California, their premium is also the highest and in the hottest, most eco-minded areas. Green certified, single-family homes sold for an average of $34,800 more than comparable homes from 2007 to 2012 when the average California home was […]

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Green Building Alert! PACE Update

FHFA Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Public Comment Sought Federal housing regulators are seeking the public’s opinion as they initiate a rule-making with regard to PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) programs. If you don’t know much about PACE programs they are programs that permit municipalities to provide financing to property owners for purchase of […]

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Smokeless Fireplaces|

What is an ethanol fireplace? You don't need gas, electrical or plumbing! An ethanol fireplace is an environmentally friendly structure that is an alternative to more traditional sources of heat such as electric or wood-burning fireplaces. These fireplaces operate using ethanol, which is an alternative energy resource, and they are considered eco-friendly. The result is […]

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Eco-Friendly Furniture

Do you know the Green buzzwords? Buzzwords eventually disappear or become a word in the dictionary……  GREEN is not only a color, but now represents anything considered environmentally efficient-safe-healthy.  A few buzzwords are eco-friendly, recycle, repurposed, sustainable or eco-"anything".  Where do you find the products and decipher the jargon? Elaine Markoutsase details how "It's easy to be […]

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Wind Energy for San Diego

Is A Home Windmill For You? At the Green Meets Green Expo, I discovered a home windmill that will generate energy from winds as low as 10mph.   Check out this article in the Chicago Tribune: "Wind Turbine atop architect's house reveals that home-energy savings fix may be blowin' in the wind". If this could power her entire house in the changing […]

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Solar Panels Don’t Need To Be Bulky

Energy Efficiency with Solar Panels They don’t have to be your mother’s bulky, large, giant reflective panels anymore. We have a small one on our Travel trailer that powers just about everything except for the microwave (can you tell we are roughing it when we camp)? A small system can be inexpensive and powers computers, lights, fountains, […]

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