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Should I Buy a Home Near the Airport?

There are many factors that go into buying that perfect home. It is a critical decision to make. You’ve found the home for you, and this house is affordable. There is one drawback to consider; this home is near a busy airport. How will the proximity to the airport affect your home’s value if you […]

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Real Estate Terms: Contingent and Pending Sales | Pensacola

Real Estate Terms Defined…. I ran across a blog post I wrote in August 2010 titled  “Understanding Real Estate Terms | Pending and Contingent Sales” that talks about the terms as it relates to the San Diego market…. however, Pensacola uses the same terms to show the status of the property for sale and have […]

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Difference between Seller and Buyer Real Estate Agents

Tasks Performed by the Seller’s Agent Seller’s Agent is also called the listing agent…. A listing is the written agreement between seller and a real estate agent/broker who will represent the seller in the sale of the property.   A brief summary of the tasks performed by the listing agent: Consultation with seller to determine their […]

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Appraisal Tips for Owners and Real Estate Agents

Appraisal photo

How to Obtain a Good Appraisal…. The business of appraisals has changed since I started my real estate career many years ago…. especially when the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010 which I wrote about in a previous blog “Appraisal Scoop 2012“.  The essence is that real estate agents and lenders can no longer contact […]

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Repairing Your Credit After a Short-Sale or Foreclosure

Credit Score Tips Short-selling your home may be a way to lift a financial burden off your shoulders and the credit effects of a short-sale are definitely negative, but they can be corrected. When repairing your credit there are five factors to consider: Payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit and, types of […]

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